Association for the Support of
Victims of the Ukraine Conflict

This is a non-governmental organization established with the sole mission to help fund the humanitarian assistance efforts aimed towards the victims of the Russian invasion of Ukraine in order to aid their basic and most dire needs.

The Association is a fundraising non-profit that has been founded by IT communities for IT communities from across the globe who have the desire to act with resolve to ensure that those who have suffered from the Russian war on Ukraine have the support necessary for their survival.


The raised funds will be relegated to non-governmental organizations, which are specifically functioning to accumulate and provide humanitarian assistance to civilians who are victims of the unprovoked Russian military actions in Ukraine.

Basic Needs

To secure clothing, essential items, food, housing or shelter to internally displaced persons throughout Ukraine.

Medical Supply

To secure critical medication, medical intervention, and psychological help to victims in the most impacted territories.

Social Adaptation

To secure retraining, education, and employment to those that have escaped Ukraine and need to assimilate in foreign conditions.

Children’s Needs

To secure primary care, sustenance, housing, clothing, and psychological needs of children who escaped from Ukrainian territories occupied by Russia.

We support

This Association has been formed in response to the growing, highly disturbing reports coming from Ukrainian territories that have been liberated from under Russian occupation. Facts indicate that the survivors and refugees from such territories need targeted humanitarian assistance first and foremost.

The Association was created for global IT communities to have the ability to provide swift support to those Ukrainian victims that have been affected by Russia’s atrocities severely. The Association will publish relevant reports about the amount of funds raised, the NPOs to which the money were transferred, and the respective humanitarian assistance secured by these organizations for the mentioned social groups.

Russia’s actions in Ukraine are unacceptable in the 21st century. IT communities, who drive the human progress further, should unite and help Ukraine withstand this burden.

Nobody should stand aside.

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